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Just Pieces

29 July
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I'm not good at trying to describe who I am to someone. If you want to know who I am, it's best to meet me. If you already have, do remember that you still don't know me, just pieces of me.

Things I have been this year:
father (though not much of one...)
husband (now ex-husband)
boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend)
polyamorist (done with that, too)
friend (I think I can keep that one up, at least...)
moody son-of-a-bitch
moon-eyed dreamer
platonic cuddle-buddy
singer/songwriter (that one won't go away, even if I try and make it...)
smoker (off and on.. mostly on)

Things I have done this year:
got divorced
got laid
got laid off
started a livejournal
tried to date three girls at the same time
fell deeply and madly in love
tried to date just one girl
swam naked
with friends
a lot
under sun and moon
more drugs
started drinking again
started dancing again
wandered the streets at night, high
slept underneath blackberry bushes
got tied up and hung horizontally from a rail
tried to avoid having sex with people
avoided getting a job all summer
went home with a stranger for the first time ever
decided never to do it again
scorned those who cannot take time for themselves in between lovers, but rush to find another as soon as one is gone.
scorned them because I am one of them,
no more.
got used to sleeping alone again
played music for other people
when I should play for myself.
cuddled with friends
whenever I could.
said "I love you" whenever it felt right
and meant it every time
and loved every minute of it.

even when it hurt.